Convert Decimal Hours to Time in Excel

by Gregory on October 7, 2010

Converting a decimal time value to minutes and hours is easily done in Excel. That is, if the time value is less than 24 hours.
Change Decimal Time in Three Steps
Here are three simple steps.

  1. Enter a decimal value into a cell
  2. Divide by 24
  3. Change cell formatting to Time (h:mm)

To change the cell format use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+1 to bring up the Format Cells dialog box, select the Number tab, click Time, then select the h:ss format as shown below.

Change Time Format

If  you have a lot of conversions then one column for the decimal values and another column for a formula dividing by 24 will suffice. Just change the formatting for the second column. The example above shows three columns for illustrative purposes and is not very practical.

Obviously a conversion can be done in one cell, if you:

  • Enter a formula into a cell with a decimal value divided by 24 (=0.61/24)
  • Format that cell to h:mm

And remember, this only works properly for decimal values less than 24 hours.

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