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My First Excel 2011 Chart

by Gregory on February 21, 2011

Right now I’m on the Ski slope and this particular chart served to help me kill two birds with one stone. I needed to show my daughter which ski pass would be most beneficial to her wallet and produce a chart for this article.

Charts should speak for themselves, loud and clear. This one compares the cumulative cost for an Advantage Pass and a Standard lift ticket. The Pass is $69 and your first lift ticket is free, then you get $12 off each weekday lift ticket. A standard lift ticket is $60 each weekday.

Stevens Pass Break Even

And while I started out using Excel 2010 (Windows) the formatting seemed easier in Excel 2011 (Mac) so that’s what I suffered through.

You can see the break even point is on day 2 when you have saved a whopping $3 over the standard lift ticket.  Below the chart is the source data with a Sparkline chart for the Total Savings.

Of course I had to put in a picture of the mountain where I’m happily sliding down, repeatedly, on this fine day. And to my daughter who loves skiing just as much as I do, Happy Birthday!

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