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Microsoft Office on the iPad

by Gregory on November 30, 2011

Over the past two days there has been talk of Microsoft coming out with a version of Office for the iPad in 2012. I for one would happily purchase the Excel part of this package, assuming the price point is similar to that of Apple’s Numbers app at $9.99 USD.

If, like me, you started with Excel and then tried Numbers. Well, it’s unique. And not Excel.

DocsToGo Premium Spreadsheet on iPadI have the Documents To Go Premium – Office Suite universal app for the iPad and iPhone that works with Excel files, but this Premium version is required to support file sharing and costs $16.99 USD. It works okay and I use it when necessary. But it’s not Excel.

So I have high hopes for an Excel app on the iPad that does lots of wonderful things.

We can always dream.

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