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Santhosh Shetty March 9, 2012 at 2:31 am

How to protect a specified cells or a columns in a work sheet with password?..

Am using Excell -2010.

If i use a “Format Cell” + Locked , Protect Sheet password . it will not allow to enter the values in anyone of the cell unless i enter the password.

Pls suggest

Gregory March 13, 2012 at 6:05 pm

The cells you want people to enter data have to be un-locked. Select those cells, and bring up the Format Cells dialog box (Ctrl+1) and select the Protection tab, then uncheck the box beside Locked and click OK. Next you have to protect the sheet by choosing Tools > Protection > Protect Sheet. You don’t have to enter a password for this to work.

Now each cell you un-locked is free to have data entered on your protected sheet.

Govind Kukrani August 5, 2012 at 4:49 am

Excel working styles

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