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General Update

My Spreadsheet Challenge Picture

November 26, 2010 General Update

Here’s the picture I entered for the Spreadsheet Challenge. I’ll point out the obvious and not so obvious stuff in this picture. Me Two monitors showing Excel 2007, Excel 2003, and Excel 2010 spreadsheets, and PDF versions of Excel 2007 Formulas, Excel 2003 Power Programming with VBA, and Excel 2010 Bible A MacBook Pro showing […]

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Feed Problems

November 23, 2010 General Update

I normally like to have the entire post show up in the Feed or email you get, but here recently they’ve been truncated and I’m not sure why. This, of course, requires you to click through to my site to read the rest of the article. I subscribe to many, many feeds and abhor having […]

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Excel for Mac 2011 Available for Pre-Order

September 28, 2010 General Update

Excel for Mac 2011 will be released October 26th and is available for pre-order on Amazon now. I’m excited about the return of VBA. Pre-order your copy of Excel for Mac 2011 now. (affiliate link) In the video below they discuss Office for Mac 2011, but at one point they mention a beta tester generating […]

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Save Time Entering Decimal Points in Excel

September 14, 2010 General Update
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When your stuck entering a lot decimal places, have Excel make your life a little easier by entering them for you automatically. To set a fixed number of decimal places, go to Excel Options, Advanced tab, check Automatically Insert a Decimal Point, and set the Places box to the proper number of decimal places, then […]

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Number Format Shortcut in Excel

September 9, 2010 Beginner

I must be dense. All these years I’ve had one main gripe about Excel and that’s always having to format numbers with a thousands separator and two decimal places, and no easy way to do it. Now I find out there’s been a shortcut for it all along. Ctrl+Shift+! I found the shortcut in Excel […]

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Excel Files on the iPad or iPhone

July 25, 2010 General Update
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Documents To Go® Premium lets me open and modify Excel files from my Dropbox folder right on my iPad or iPhone. I can also access and modify spreadsheets from my Google Docs account. Excel email attachments can be downloaded, viewed and edited. This is a big plus when traveling with the iPad, or iPhone for […]

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Excel on the Web – Another Spreadsheet in the Cloud

June 30, 2010 General Update
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I decided to test the new Microsoft Excel Web App and tell you about my experience in creating a simple spreadsheet, give you a look at the interface, and share my initial opinion. The Excel Web App – Getting Started In order to use the Microsoft Excel Web App a Windows Live account is required. […]

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