Different Versions, Different Methods in Excel

For the past week I’ve been showing how to remove duplicate values from a data range in Excel. How you go about that task varies, depending on the version of Excel you use. My simple worksheet example used only two columns, and only one had duplicate values.

Excel 2010 and 2007

The Remove Duplicates feature in Excel 2010 and 2007 is capable of removing more than one column of duplicate values. It’s the best solution you can use for your data set. Simple, yet very powerful.

Excel 2003

For Excel 2003, and earlier versions, you have to come up with a manual solution for removing duplicate values. I shared one such method by using a formula to see if two consecutive cells were the same value. Finding either a TRUE or FALSE result allowed me to use the “Find All” option button on the Find dialog box to select all TRUE values so they could be deleted in one step.

Excel 2008

Excel 2008 for Mac doesn’t have the “Find All” button in the Find dialog box. Instead, a sort was used to put all TRUE values at the bottom of the range so their entire rows could be deleted from the data set. It felt quite rustic.

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