Worksheet Tab Protection Icon in Excel 2011

There are times when you see something new and immediately know what it means. That’s what happened to me when I opened a file from a colleague and realized the padlock icon on the worksheet tab meant that the worksheet was protected. I was right.

Lock Icon on Worksheet Tab

Since I had opened this file in Excel 2011 (Mac) I immediately wondered if the Excel 2010 Window’s version had the same feature.

That would be a no.

It sure is nice to know that a worksheet is protected beforehand, instead of finding out by trial and error that a good number of Ribbon items are grayed out and not functional. It seems in Excel 2010 there is no real overt clue that a worksheet is protected.

Too bad. I like the intuitively obvious lock icon on the worksheet tab.

Maybe they’ll include this nice little feature when they program the next Windows version of Excel.

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3 thoughts on “Worksheet Tab Protection Icon in Excel 2011

  1. Venus

    Wow, I’ve never seen this before. I don’t work with Excel 2011, and I agree with you, this would be a great feature in any version. It kind of makes me jealous.

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