Blog Comments and Inspiration

I’d like to thank everyone who has left a comment on this blog within the past year. It’s been a privilege to interact with some of you.

When I started this blog a couple of years ago, I was partially employed. Consequently I had lots of time to spend learning how to write blog posts about a topic that I am relatively good at, and a desire to share my knowledge.


My big problem is that I am a perfectionist. I want to express myself clearly, about topics that can be quite complicated.

About a year ago I started a full time job, which includes a long commute. Obviously this impacted the amount of time available for blogging and my articles dwindled to a trickle.

Strangely enough, about the time I started my new job, the popularity of this blog began to take off. One practical effect of this is the increased number of reader comments.

Many of these comments require interaction on my part. Answering questions, looking up old articles (to remember what I had written) and locating those files (what was that file name?), and even going as far as looking at readers spreadsheets to help them solve a problem. All of which takes up time.

The comments I receive have made me consciously aware that I need to provide more content to my readers, and on a consistent basis. (I believe that’s my Conscience talking). So I’ve resolved to do just that by publicly declaring that I’ll write at least one article per week.

In doing so I may have to lose some of my perfectionism, but I still have standards. My next article will solve the problem of not having the Control+Home keyboard shortcut on a Mac.

Hopefully you all will stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “Blog Comments and Inspiration

  1. Geezer

    What a suave man you are! When I started to read this I thought that you were going to say that with increased pressure of work, you were going to ‘jack it in’. But you’re not, you’re undertaking to do more.
    I for one admire that and very much appreciate it.

  2. Nicamo

    Great blog you have here. Your explications are very neat and easy to comprehend. Great work ūüôā

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