TRUNC Function in Excel: A Comprehensive Guide

Excel’s TRUNC function, a lesser-known yet powerful tool, plays a critical role in fields where precision in numerical data is vital. This function, standing for ‘truncate’, efficiently truncates a number to a specified number of decimal places without rounding. This precision is essential in various professional realms, particularly in financial calculations and data analysis, where even a minor rounding error can lead to significant discrepancies.

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VLOOKUP Not Working with Text Values: 6 Fixes You Need

Ever had trouble with VLOOKUP not working when dealing with text data in Excel? The VLOOKUP function is crucial for finding and retrieving information in your worksheet, but it can be finicky, especially when handling text values. Understanding the ins and outs of this Excel function is essential to avoid errors and get accurate results.

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Image that shows how to freeze cells in Excel.

How to Freeze Cells in Excel So Rows and Columns Stay Visible

Have you ever worked in an unorganized spreadsheet? We have to admit, there is nothing more frustrating. When you scrolled down the endless rows, chances are, you couldn’t see your headers anymore. How are you supposed to keep track of where you are plotting data? This is where knowing how to freeze cells in Excel …

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how to use goal seek in excel

How to Use Goal Seek in Excel

Excel has proven itself to be very useful in various situations over and over again. The list of Excel’s benefits seems to be never-ending. It even has a tool for answering questions and forecasting information. The Goal Seek function in Excel is a great tool for those asking “What if” type questions. Use this guide …

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pv table

Pivot Tables (PV Table): Everything You Need to Know

When working with Excel spreadsheets, it can be difficult to extract the information you need from large sets of data. Pivot Tables (pv table) offer a great way to quickly condense and analyze, and present your data, allowing you to make informed decisions in both your professional and personal life. Pivot Tables allow you to effortlessly …

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AVERAGE Function in Excel

How to Use the AVERAGE Function in Excel

Calculating the average of a large or small set of numbers can be a time-consuming task. With Excel, however, this process is simplified, making it easier for you to analyze important data with ease. By using Excel’s AVERAGE function, you can quickly calculate the mean of any group of numbers, streamlining your data analysis process.

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How to add cells in Excel (screen shots of cell data added up via the SUM formula).

How to Add Cells in Excel to Sum Up Totals Automatically

Excel’s great for displaying data and even better at crunching numbers. Here’s how to add cells in Excel to sum up totals automatically… Even when you change the numbers. A great feature that Excel has to offer is its use of formulas. Since Excel is often used to organize numerical data for a variety of …

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excel sumif

How to Use the SUMIF and SUMIFS Functions in Excel

SUMIF and SUMIFS help Excel users to save time and frustration by making it easy to glean valuable information from complex datasets. You can total and analyze everything from grade values to quarterly earnings without giving yourself a massive headache.   In this tutorial, we’re going to cover:   The difference between SUMIF and SUMIFS …

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