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How to Remove Last Saved By Information from an Excel File on Mac and Windows

When sharing Excel documents, it’s crucial to maintain the confidentiality of personal information. The “Last Saved By” property is one such piece of metadata that might be better left undisclosed, especially in a professional context. This article provides a straightforward guide on how to remove this particular information from Excel files on both Mac and Windows systems.

4 Methods to Insert a Timestamp in Excel Cell

In the digital age, where data is king, effectively managing and recording time-related information is crucial. By effectively using timestamps in Excel, you can easily track when data entries are made or modified, serving as a cornerstone in tasks like project management, record keeping, and data analysis.

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TRUNC Function in Excel: A Comprehensive Guide

Excel’s TRUNC function, a lesser-known yet powerful tool, plays a critical role in fields where precision in numerical data is vital. This function, standing for ‘truncate’, efficiently truncates a number to a specified number of decimal places without rounding. This precision is essential in various professional realms, particularly in financial calculations and data analysis, where even a minor rounding error can lead to significant discrepancies.

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Excel Worksheets: A Beginner’s Guide

Excel, Microsoft’s powerful spreadsheet software, has become a staple in businesses and homes worldwide. At its heart are worksheets – the building blocks of any Excel spreadsheet. This beginner’s guide will demystify Excel worksheets, teaching you how to create, manage, and use them effectively.

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VLOOKUP Not Working with Text Values: 6 Fixes You Need

Ever had trouble with VLOOKUP not working when dealing with text data in Excel? The VLOOKUP function is crucial for finding and retrieving information in your worksheet, but it can be finicky, especially when handling text values. Understanding the ins and outs of this Excel function is essential to avoid errors and get accurate results.

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how to add in excel

Learn How to Add In Excel Using the SUM Function and AUTOSUM

Excel offers an array of tools for fundamental operations like addition. Among these, learning how to add in Excel is a key skill, pivotal for everyone from casual users to seasoned professionals. This article focuses on the SUM function and AUTOSUM feature, demonstrating how these tools are essential for efficient and accurate numerical addition. Whether …

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How To Calculate Hours Between Two Dates in Excel

Recently I was asked how to subtract time in Excel (time difference) or how to calculate the number of hours between two points in time on different days. Since this was in a reader comment, I gave a brief answer that requires a fuller account here.

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