How to Get Excel for Free (Including Best Free Excel Alternatives in 2023)

Is Excel free? The short answer is no, but there are several free ways to access Microsoft Excel and some compelling free alternatives. Let’s dive in! In today’s business world, Excel, a popular spreadsheet application, has become a staple for organizing data and performing complex calculations. However, with the growing demand for free spreadsheet solutions, … Read more

The Data Adds Up: Using the Addition Formula in Excel

image of excel showing the addition function

Meta: In this article readers will learn the basic addition formula for Microsoft Excel. Users can find examples and a how-to guide for entering formulas themselves and using the sum feature. The addition formula is one of the basic functions you can perform in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs. There are several different ways … Read more

Pivot Charts: An All-Encompassing Guide

man looking at tablet showing pivot tables and pivot charts

Pivot Charts can help you to take an unorganized set of data and turn it into a clear and concise representation of the information that you’re trying to convey. You can eliminate all unnecessary information and single out key data points in order to better understand specific subcategories of data. Here, we’re going to look … Read more

How to Create a Database in Excel

Person in front of laptop with excel display

A database in Microsoft Excel makes it easy to input formulas and organize information. This is beneficial when doing everything from staying on top of business numbers to grading term papers. Whatever the reason might be, if you’re looking at how to create a database in Excel you’ll find all the information and answers you … Read more