Latest Excel Tips and Guides

Navigating Regions in Excel

Navigating large regions of data can be very quick and easy using keyboard or mouse shortcuts. You can also select entire rows or columns, although multiple row and column ranges work slightly different with each method. Using the Keyboard to Navigate a Range of Data I prefer to navigate ranges using the keyboard. Holding down …

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Organizing Data Into Regions

Organizing data into regions or ranges is the first step to harness the power of Microsoft Excel. If your data set is small, using the full power of Excel probably doesn’t mean very much. But as your data grows it’s important to let Excel do most of the work. Using features like sorting and filtering, …

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Microsoft Excel 2010 on the iPad with the OnLive Desktop

The gold standard for Microsoft Excel is the latest Windows version, Excel 2010, and the gold standard for tablets is the iPad. The OnLive Desktop App brings them together. If you love Microsoft Excel and have an iPad, then this app is for you. I could go on and on and on about what a …

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