Save Time Entering Decimal Points in Excel

When your stuck entering a lot decimal places, have Excel make your life a little easier by entering them for you automatically.

To set a fixed number of decimal places, go to Excel Options, Advanced tab, check Automatically Insert a Decimal Point, and set the Places box to the proper number of decimal places, then click OK. (In Excel 2003 and in Excel 2008 for Mac go to the Edit tab to find this option)

The current data in the worksheet will not be affected.

Advanced Options Decimal Points

Once this option is turned on entering 4836 becomes 0.4836 and entering 10345 becomes 1.0345. A neat way to avoid entering the decimal point.

When your done, just turn off the option and everything goes back to normal.  Sweet!

Excel 2003 Fixed Decimal Places

Fixed Decimal Places Excel 2003

Excel 2008 Fixed Decimal Places

Fixed Decimal Places Excel 2008

2 thoughts on “Save Time Entering Decimal Points in Excel”

  1. I tried to do this with excel 2008 on a Mac but what you describe is NOT in the “edit” window — so I assume the mac version lacks this — am I right?

    • @ma we I just checked my version of Excel 2008 and the screen shot is the same. To navigate there choose Excel > Preferences > Edit and check Display this number of decimal places then enter an integer value (the default is 4) and click OK.

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