How to Quickly Convert 1904 Dates to the 1900 Date System in Excel

Microsoft Excel’s handling of dates is a critical feature for accurate data management. However, discrepancies between the 1900 and 1904 date systems can lead to confusion and errors. This comprehensive guide will help you understand these systems and provide step-by-step instructions for adjusting dates correctly.

A Woopra Chat About Excel

I use the Woopra desktop app to view live visitors to this WordPress blog. Visitors will see a Woopra window lurking about when I’m logged into my (free) Woopra account. One option is to initiate a chat session with me. My first chat happened the other day. The chat notice startled me, but I quickly …

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Let Excel Convert Hours Between Two Dates and Times

In a previous post I went on and on about how you can calculate hours between two different dates and times, but Excel does this for you automatically. I’ll use reader comment as my example. A-02.02.2011 10:00 B-05.02.2011 17:00 Please help me to find B-A in hh:mm For clarity I will assume that the date …

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What Day of the Year is It?

Given the Date in this spreadsheet, a simple formula using the DATE Function will return the Day of Year. Go ahead and type a Date value in cell A2 to see how the formula works, the spreadsheet is embedded from my SkyDrive. (Date format is US, “m/d/yyyy”) Click here if you can’t see the embedded …

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Use the DATEDIF Function to Quickly Calculate Date Difference in Excel

The DATEDIF Function comes in handy when you want to know how many years, months, and days there are between two dates. And even though it may be slightly flawed, it still beats the alternatives. How Many Years, Months and Days Has it Been? The following spreadsheet works well for birthdays or anniversaries. The DATEDIF …

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Calculate the Xth Weekday of Any Month in Excel

I’ve a simple formula for calculating the Xth Weekday of ANY month. It takes four inputs: Year, Month, Week, and Day. And requires a couple of lookup tables for data validation, one with special formatting. The History It all started when my wife mentioned there were a couple of meetings she had to schedule at …

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How to Convert Decimal Hours to Time in Excel

In the versatile world of Excel, converting a decimal time value into minutes and hours is a straightforward process, especially when dealing with time values that are less than 24 hours. Whether you’re tracking work hours, scheduling events, or analyzing time-based data, efficiently converting and understanding these time values is crucial.

The WEEKDAY Function in Excel

Excel 2010 has new return_type arguments for the WEEKDAY Function. How useful they are is debatable, but you never know when you might come across a particular need. Excel Weekday Function The Excel WEEKDAY Function in has two arguments: serial_number and return_type. The serial_number argument is simply a number that represents a date. The return_type argument …

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