Name and Select a Range with the Name Box in Excel

What’s in a Name? It could be a worksheet cell, a single range, or a non-contiguous range that you want to give a name to in Excel. Mercifully the Name box is one quick way to name a range.

Name a Range with the Name Box in Excel

To create a Name with the Name box in Excel:

  • Select a cell or range
  • Click the Name box
  • Type the Name
  • Press Enter

The Name can’t have spaces and you can’t use a Name that already exists.

Tip: When selecting a range, the Name box shows the number of rows and columns being selected. Below the Name box shows my selection is 1 row by 4 columns.

Name Range with Name Box in Excel

For the range F2518:I2518, I typed Total in the Name box (below), then pressed enter.

Name Range with Name Box 2

Select a Range with the Name Box

As we saw in the last post, you can use the Name box to select a range by simply typing in the range address.

However, using a Named Range is better because when you click the Name box drop-down arrow the Names are displayed on a list.

Name Range with Name Box 3

Selecting Total from the Name box list (above) takes me to row 2518 (below) faster than greased lighting.

Name Range with Name Box 4

Naming a Non-Contiguous Range with the Name Box

Use the Name box to give multiple ranges a single name.

  • Hold the Control key down (Command key in Mac)
  • Select a range
  • Select another range (until you’ve got them all)
  • Release the Control key (Command key in Mac)
  • Click inside the Name box
  • Type a name
  • Press enter

Below I’ve selected multiple, nonsensical ranges and called them MultiRange. (Didn’t have a practical example. Sorry!)

Multiple Range with Name Box

I’ve not consolidated a non-contiguous range by giving it a Name. Off the top of my head, it might be useful in some formulas.

If you’ve given multiple ranges a single Name and know of a particular use for this technique, please let me know in the comments.

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