Microsoft Office 2011 Document Connection

Microsoft Document ConnectionOne of the neat programs you get with Microsoft Office 2011 is Microsoft Document Connection. It allows you to interface with your SkyDrive without going through a web browser.

Once you open the program and sign in to your SkyDrive account all your online files are accessible. You can open the files in Read Only or Edit mode.

Document Connection SkyDrive Files

In Preferences I set all my files to open in Edit mode so that when I double click on a file, Excel 2011 downloads, then opens the file so I can make changes.

Documnent Connection Download Files

Once changes are saved the file uploads to your SkyDrive account.

There’s also an option to upload a file directly to SkyDrive. And you can also get a URL link to any file on your SkyDrive.

I don’t know if a similar program is available with the Windows version because I didn’t purchase the entire Office suite of programs (too expensive). With Excel 2010 I have to launch my web browser to connect to my SkyDrive account in order to get access to my cloud storage files.

Files in the cloud are much easier to access and work with using Microsoft Document Connection. Take advantage if you have a Mac.