My First Excel 2011 Chart

Right now I’m on the Ski slope and this particular chart served to help me kill two birds with one stone. I needed to show my daughter which ski pass would be most beneficial to her wallet and produce a chart for this article.

Charts should speak for themselves, loud and clear. This one compares the cumulative cost for an Advantage Pass and a Standard lift ticket. The Pass is $69 and your first lift ticket is free, then you get $12 off each weekday lift ticket. A standard lift ticket is $60 each weekday.

Stevens Pass Break Even

And while I started out using Excel 2010 (Windows) the formatting seemed easier in Excel 2011 (Mac) so that’s what I suffered through.

You can see the break even point is on day 2 when you have saved a whopping $3 over the standard lift ticket.  Below the chart is the source data with a Sparkline chart for the Total Savings.

Of course I had to put in a picture of the mountain where I’m happily sliding down, repeatedly, on this fine day. And to my daughter who loves skiing just as much as I do, Happy Birthday!