Excel 2011 Ribbon Screen Shots

There are eight default tabs on the Excel 2011 Ribbon, and nine if you unhide the Developer tab. They are Home, Layout, Tables, Charts, SmartArt, Formulas, Data, Review, and Developer.

Comparing the Excel 2010 Ribbon, the new Windows version, where the tabs are Home, Insert, Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, View, and Developer.

The Tables, Charts and SmartArt tabs in Excel 2011 are new and different from Excel 2010, and seem to replace its Insert tab. The Layout tab is similar to Page Layout. The rest of the tabs have the same names in both versions, yet are slightly different, as shown below in Home Tab Comparison.

In Excel 2011 the Menu and Standard Toolbar are still visible above the ribbon. This accounts for some of the variation in Ribbons between the two Excel versions. But then Excel 2010 has the Quick Access Toolbar.

Below are a few Ribbon screen shots. (Click to enlarge the image in a new window for better visibility)

Home Tab Comparison

As you can see below the Menu and Standard Toolbar are still present above the Ribbon in Excel 2011 (Workbook2). What’s curious is that you can also make the Formatting Toolbar visible, which is completely redundant with the Home tab in Excel 2011.

The bottom of this picture shows the Excel 2010 Ribbon Home tab.

Home Tab Comparison

The grouping labels are located above the toolbar items in Excel 2011 and below the items in Excel 2010. I like them above. For Excel 2011 they are Edit, Font, Alignment, Number, Format, Cells, and Themes. For Excel 2010 they are Clipboard, Font, Alignment, Number, Styles, Cells, and Editing.

Just be glad you’re not switching between these two versions of Excel like me.

Now here’s a quick look at the different Excel 2011 Ribbon tabs. Remember to click each image to enlarge for better viewing.

Home Tab 2011

Excel 2011 Ribbon Home

Layout Tab 2011

Excel 2011 Ribbon Layout - Click to Enlarge

Tables Tab 2011

Excel 2011 Ribbon Tables

Charts Tab 2011

Excel 2011 Ribbon Charts

SmartArt Tab 2011

Excel 2011 Ribbon SmartArt

Formulas Tab 2011

Excel 2011 Ribbon SmartArt

Data Tab 2011

Excel 2011 Ribbon Data

Review Tab 2011

Excel 2011 Ribbon Review

Developer Tab 2011

Excel 2011 Ribbon Developer

7 thoughts on “Excel 2011 Ribbon Screen Shots”

    • You can use ⌘+OPTION+1 to expand or minimize the Ribbon. If you type “Excel Keyboard Shortcuts” in the Help search box there’s a boatload of shortcuts specific to the Mac.

    • @WA Using Excel VBA to create a database: not a good idea. I wouldn’t know where to start.

      Having said that, you could put data into Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheet and give the data range a defined name of “Database” and then you could link to this data from a Database program. I’ve not done this with a Mac, but have done it many times on a Windows machine. One problem with using a spreadsheet to hold the data is to update the “Database” named range each time you put more data into the data table. This is easily done with VBA code.

      I’ve not used a database program on a Mac, so I don’t have anything for you on that front.

  1. On Excel 2010, there’s a help icon on the top right, which I often use to find where something is on the ribbon. Is there any way to search for things on the 2011 ribbon? When I use the menu help, it only shows me results for the old drop-down menus, not for the ribbon.

    Thank you!

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