Add Freeze Sheet Panes to the Quick Access Toolbar

Add a one-click Freeze Panes command to the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel 2010 and 2007. This command icon is conveniently hidden from the Ribbon and is named Freeze Sheet Panes.

In a previous post I made the recommendation to add the Freeze Panes command to the Excel Quick Access Toolbar, but recently found out that this is a sub-optimal solution because with the Freeze Panes command this requires two clicks.

One click activates a drop-down list, then you have a choice for your second click: Freeze Panes, Freeze Top Row, and Freeze First Column. The only one of interest to me is Freeze Panes. So why do I have to click twice?

Freeze Panes Command Icon

As it turns out, I don’t. The Freeze Sheet Panes command works with just one click. Here’s how to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Right-click the Ribbon
  • Select Customize Quick Access Toolbar…
  • In the Choose Commands from: drop-down list select Commands Not in the Ribbon
  • Click inside the left-pane and press the key G (faster than scrolling)
  • Select Freeze Sheet Panes
  • Click Add
  • Position the Freeze Sheet Panes command in the right-pane
  • Click OK

Freeze Sheet Panes Command Icon

When you are ready to Freeze Panes in your worksheet, click the Freeze Sheet Panes icon.  Any cell above and to the left of the active cell is frozen.

In my opinion Excel should have made this a primary command icon when they created the Ribbon in Excel 2007. Instead it’s hidden from the Ribbon. What were they thinking?

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