Top 10 Articles for 2010

The year started for Excel Semi-Pro with my first article on 15 June, 2010. Thanks to you all for visiting my site to see what’s cooking with Excel.

According to my Site Stats, here are the top 10 articles this year.

  1. Become the OFFSET Function and Tell a Short Story
  2. Excel 2011 for Mac – Installation, Preferences, and VBA
  3. Excel Files on the iPad or iPhone
  4. Start a New Line Inside a Spreadsheet Cell in Excel
  5. Convert Seconds to a Time Format in Excel
  6. Stock Price Formula in a Spreadsheet
  7. Microsoft Excel Date Systems for Windows and Mac
  8. Excel 2011 Ribbon Screen Shots
  9. Switch Between Workbooks Faster in Excel 2007 and 2010
  10. Date and Time Calculation in Excel

Happy Holidays to everyone.

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